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Scam Alerts

By Ck Wong

This happen to me around 0945hrs, an Indian guy calling to impersonate as a technical officer from "Windows" base in US Dallas, at first my father was the one picking up the phone as he doesn't understand English so he pass the phone to me. after that he introduce himself saying that he's calling from Windows and explain to me that a computer under the name of my father was hacked!!! To my amusement, my father doesn't even know how to even switch on my PC so it was impossible for any acct with my father name on it, so he carry on asking if there is any other PC at home and ask me to check on the security ID which he claims is personal to each PC. Later, he would assist to teach you how to find the security ID. asking you the victim to open up Win+R and type in some commands. Until this point, I'm already sick and tired so i just reply him to stop scamming me as I don't have time for such nonsense.

Source: Scam Alert Singapore

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You are here :   Home » Scam Alerts