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At least 115 people have died as floods and mudslides swept through northern and western Rwanda after torrential rains, according to the state-run broadcaster, which warned that the toll could rise. READ MORE HERE!

Published on 06/05/2023 @ 14h54  |

First Republic Bank’s #deposits fell by over $100bn in the first quarter and it said it was exploring options including restructuring its balance sheet, overshadowing market-beating #profit and sending its shares down 21% after the bell on Monday. READ MORE HERE!

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Bus crash kills 19 and injures six in northern Egypt | Egypt | The GuardianNineteen people were killed and six others injured when a bus drove into a canal in northern Egypt on Saturday, the country’s health ministry said.The bus was carrying 35 people when it came off a highway and fell into the Mansoura canal in Aga, in the northern Dakahlia region, according to security sources. Read more HERE.
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Famine has come to Somalia. While there has been no official declaration, the UN’s humanitarian chief, Martin Griffiths, said last week: “I have no doubt that we are seeing famine on our watch in Somalia.” In an interview with Al Jazeera, he decried the injustice of the climate crisis-induced disaster. “Nobody in Somalia is responsible for the catastrophe – this fourth failed rainy season, this fifth and sixth to come.” Read more HERE

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Witnesses claim 320 people were killed in an Ethiopian gun attack. | DH  Latest News, DH NEWS, Latest News, Army, death, arms & ammunations, NEWS,  officials and personals, Crime , Ethiopian migrants,Reports of the massacre surfaced on Sunday, as survivors described one of the deadliest such incidents for several years in Ethiopia.

The country’s prime minister, Abiy Ahmed, has condemned what he described as “horrific acts” in Oromia, but has not given any details of the violence. “Attacks on innocent civilians and destruction of livelihoods by illegal and irregular forces is unacceptable,” Abiy said on Twitter on Monday, pledging “zero tolerance for horrific acts … by elements whose main objective is to terrorise communities.” Read more HERE.

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