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Body Anatomy: part and organs(13 photos)

Organs Of The Body

There are almost 78 organs in a human body which vary according to their sizes, functions or actions. An organ is a collection of millions of cells which group together to perform single functions in a our body. The cells in these body organs are highly specialized and form for all the necessary actions for some specific time. Out of these 78 organs of a male or female body, skin is the largest organ with respect to its size and weight. The major organ in the body of human beings is the brain which is primarily responsible for performing all the functions and actions of the body. Other major organs of the body are given in the following list with names, diseases, location and functions.

Human Brain, The Brain Facts

Human Brain

Made up of about 100 billion neurons and contributing nearly 2% of body-weight, brain is the supreme structural and functional unit and control center of the body and the superior-most region of CNS (Central Nervous System). Broadly speaking, major part of the brain...


Thyroid Gland Function


Thyroid gland is the largest endocrine gland in adult human. Endocrine glands are those that secrete their products directly into the bloodstream. In contrast, most exocrine glands release their secretions through a duct onto an epithelial surface such as skin or mucosa...


Structure Of Skin


Do you really know or want to know, "What is skin?" A comprehensive answer is that it is outer covering which protects all the delicate body parts lying underneath it. It is the largest organ of our body which consists of several tissues including sweat glands, hair...


Lungs, Lungs Diseases, Functions Of Lungs


Lungs are the major organ of our respiratory system, helping us obtain oxygen and get rid of carbon dioxide. Our chest cavity houses a pair of lungs which open to the external environment through the nose and mouth. A cylindrical tube, called trachea, is the main link between...


Heart Diseases, Functions And Structure


A simple answer to "What is heart" is that it is the main organ of our body's circulatory system, pumping blood throughout the body. It is a muscular pump which contracts at regular intervals in order to squeeze the blood through it into the blood vessels. There are four...


What Is Pancreas? Location And Diseases Of Pancreas


Pancreas is one of the extrinsic glands of the digestive system. It has mixed endocrine and exocrine functions, and is present outside the wall of the digestive tract. In order to fully understand, "What is pancreas?" you must know its location, functions and disease...


Human Liver Anatomy, What Is A Liver?


Although skin is considered to be the largest organ of the human body, liver is known to be the largest internal organ and the largest gland in the human body. One may wonder about "What is a liver?" and what a purpose it serves. Being a glandular structure, it is an organize...


Spleen Function, Location, Size And Disorders


Spleen is the largest lymphatic organ in the human body. Lymphatic or lymphoid organs are the major parts of the immune system of our body. Function of the immune system is to protect the host (i.e. human body) from the invasion of foreign organisms. Immune system...


Prostate Facts, Functions And Diseases


Prostate is known as the largest accessory gland of the male reproductive system. The gland resembles the shape of an inverted cone or a pyramid. In normal adult it weighs about 20 gm. It synthesizes an alkaline fluid that provides about 30% of the volume of seminal...


Kidneys, Location Of Kidneys


There are two bean shaped kidneys in the human body. A normal kidney is about 2.5 cm thick, 10 cm long and 5 cm wide. They are reddish-brown in color and each weighs approximately 130 gm in adults. Both kidneys receive blood from the renal artery; in a resting...


What Is Stomach, Stomach Functions And Facts


Stomach is an important part of our digestive system which receives food from the esophagus. It is found at the left side in the upper abdomen. An average individual's stomach measures about 12 inches in length and has a width of 6 inches.Itis a J-shaped hollow...


Bladder Function, Location And Pictures


Placed on the pelvic floor, it is an important organ of your excretory system that serves as a temporary storage point for the urinary fluid before it is eliminated through urethra. Resembling an elastic sac-like structure, the smooth muscle fibers in the wall of the bladder...


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