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28/08/2021 @ 22h52
(by Daily_Express)
28/08/2021 @ 22h42
(by Daily_Express)

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May be an image of fire and text that says 'contvol your TEMPER for ANGER labels you fool. Ecolesiastes 7:9'


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Fraught calm follows Beirut's worst day of sectarian violence in decade |  Lebanon | The GuardianA day after the worst sectarian violence in Beirut in more than a decade, a fraught calm hung over the city on Friday with streets largely empty and government offices closed as militia groups started to bury their dead.
Gunfire briefly resounded through areas that on Thursday were the scenes of intense fighting, but armed men were shooting into the air – a defiant precursor to funerals that were due to start.France, Russia, and other European and political leaders appealed for calm as shocked residents continued to reel from scenes reminiscent of the darkest days of the country’s civil war. Read more HERE.


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