By estelle

I paid for a flight online through a website (Skyscanxxxx) called Edreaxx. A few hours after I paid for the flight online, the merchant sent an email mentioning the flight is unconfirmed and that jet star would like an extra 100SGD. I was reluctant to pay this extra amount since the flight was unconfirmed and they are asking for more money after I they had already charged me 651. I requested to receive a full refund on the same day of purchase. Since then, I have been chasing a refund from the merchant. I have rang the call center which is based in Barcelona 6 times and still keep getting the same information (It will take 3-4 working days, 5-7 working days etc etc). For example, they are sure that they have refunded my card but I am yet to see this reversal on my statement. The second time I rang they instructed me to follow up with my bank. I then took this step and OCBC claim they are not able to see the funds/chargeback on my account. This has been a very stressful experience for me. They have copious amount of bad reviews online. They have stolen my money and are not cooperating with me. I am 651 dollars out of pocket. It has been 2 weeks now and still no refund in my account. I urge for Singaporeans to stay away from this website when booking flights. You will be told many lies over and over again just so they can keep your money. I pray to god OCBC helps me get my money back. Below are just several links showing the unprofessionalism and scam this company continually maintains.

Source: Scam Alert Singapore