By Anonymous

This happened to me yesterday morning at 10.21am from a telephone number +65234xxxx . A person voice is so similar to my daughter crying for help in mandarin " Mommy Mommy help me help me I am in trouble now " at that moment I was so frightened and ask her what happen to you , please don't scare me , what can I help ? She told me she was being caught by a bad guy now and want me to talk to him .

She passed the call to the Chinese Guy Scammer. The Scammer asked me where am I , am I at home or work or outside, I told him at work he then asked me to walk to a side where no one around to talk to him. Scammer told me he involved in a fight recently and accidentally killed a man and police is looking for him everywhere and now need money to ran away, he demand $30K from me if not my child will be killed . I was frightened at that moment but I still asked him for my child name , he never replied me immediately and scold me #@#@ and threatened me wanted to kill my child .

I remain calm and keep asking for the name he then replied me " You has talked to her just now and she also told you her name is Ah Ying" At this time I know it may be a scammed call and I never held up the phone bcos I cannot confirm if it is really a scam so I continue to talk to him and negotiate with him I need time to find money if he want $30K from me. He told me he don't want me to borrow and ask from anyone else the money , he want to know how much I have now in my bank and cash in hand. At first I told him 1k he very unhappy and said no need to talk anymore can wait to collect your child body and a while later he still ask again how much I have again in all my bank ac and how fast I can reach my bank to withdraw, this time I told him 10k , and told him I need 1 hour travel time from work to bank to take a bus there as I do not drive.

He sound very angry and scolded me again "#@X#@" and told me he going to pass the phone to "my child" to say the last word to her. "The Child" take over the call and cried to me for help again, I remain calm to insist her for the full name , immediately the voice change to a man voice and scolded me "#@X#@X" and put down the phone. After he cut off his line , I contacted my children to make sure they are safe and sound . My conversation with the scammer took 9mins 20 secs . scammer phone number +65234 xxxx. Please ignore or reject any call from this number. Thank you.

Source: Scam Alert Singapore