By Jamie Lim

I was using my laptop and I received a pop-up to call a toll-free number starting from 800-XXX-XXXX. I freaked out and went to contact them as I was afraid something has happened. the person told me she's from Microsoft and Windows, and she's the technician there. She guided me and informed about that there's viruses and a malware in my laptop that's harming my hardware and it's being transmitted to my other electronic devices as well, through the shared wifi. she also told me she will help me solve all my issues and upgrade my softwares etc, as long as I pay a one time fee, amount depending on how long I want the service for. I was doubtful as it was my first time facing this incident and I don't even have the company name. but she kept persuading me to sign up because it's really good, and I don't know why I believed her. She even showed me she had information to my credit card as that information is already being stolen. I foolishly keyed in my personal particulars and the first few digits of my credit card and I stopped as I became very skeptical about it and ended the call. She tried to call me back and as she had access to my screen, she typed and asked me to key in my card details and that she has helped me for an hour. I felt that it was a scam and tried to delay it and got her name. She is Shanti, PA1500, with an Indian accent.

Source: Scam Alert Singapore