By Anonymous

I received a call from a very heavily accented Indian lady who named herself Ronny and claimed to be calling from Global Internet Security Services. She kept mentioning about how my computer license id is hacked and used by someone else to do illegal activities, etc. She was generally very unclear in her speech so I had to make her repeat almost every line multiple times. She then started giving some commands for me to key into my laptop. Things became very suspicious and I asked her again where she is from and why should I trust her. This was when she started to raise her voice and sounded very defensive. I asked for her number so that I could call her back afterwards but she declined and insisted that she will call me instead. After much persuasion, she gave in and provided me with her phone number (+612). This triggered me to interrogate her further and in the end I just decided to put down the phone. I guess she figured that I was not going to fall further into her trap, so she stopped calling altogether.

Source: Scam Alert Singapore