By Anonymous

I posted an ad on Gumtree to sell my table on 5 Jun. A guy by the name of Chinko Shaun (+351-934-123-85x) emailed me to say he is interested to buy. He will transfer the money to me via Paypal as it's a safer mode of payment. He claimed that he lives in Portugal so he will arrange for his shipping agent to pick up the item from me. I informed him that I do not have a Paypal account so suggested that he pays the shipping agent and shipping agent can pay me cash upon collection. He insisted that I setup a Paypal account and even send me the link. After I setup the account, I provided him the Account Name, email and pick up address. He claimed he has transferred $800 to me (the item costs $500). So the balance $300 I am supposed to transfer $250 to a US account to pay the "shipping agent" and $50 to pay Western Union for the processing fee. I was not informed earlier that I have to pay the shipping agent. I refused as I told him I have not received the money from him so why should I pay his agent? He explained that the money is already in my account ON HOLD" and Paypal will release the money to me once I show proof that I have transferred the money to the "Shipping Agent". I told him I do not wish to trade with him. When I checked my inbox I did receive 3 emails from "Paypal" informing me that I have funds in my account that is on HOLD till I complete the process. I knew it is a SCAM so I blocked his email account and the Paypal account as well as his humber on my HP. As such all the email correspondences disappeared so I don't have the US account details and I can't make a police report. The strange thing is that after blocking him, he can still send email and sms to me. He asked me "What happened? I don't understand". I replied "SCAM! Please do not send me anymore messages otherwise I will report you to the police". He has stopped sending me messages but I can still see him "online" on iPhone. So guys beware of such SCAM.

Source: Scam Alert Singapore