Scammer's Contact and Identity:: johnwilliam46? Isjsay?

30 Aug 2016

By Anonymous

Please be aware of these guys who try to get to know girls from social network like Okcupid or Tinder. These guys have some good looking photos. But after get to know you for 2-3 weeks , he started to ask you for financial support for his business, or send some gifts to you by inserting cash (pounds) inside the bag. The address provided by the courier services provided are also fake. 

The on-hold parcel need to pay a sum to clear the customs. Please ignore!! DO NOT give your full name, address, or hp no to these chaps.

Scammer's Moniker: Qstopper/Raymond Johnsox/Johnthecat450x/John. Frank. Williamx/ DSL Security Post Express

Scammer's contact: johnwilliam46? Isjsay?

Source: Scam Alert Singapore