Money Lost: $8,500

8 Jan 2017

By Anonymous

I met this person on OKCupid. Started chatting and exchanged mobile numbers. He pointed how love should be committed (not about trying) and both must stand strong for the relationship. So, making me as committed too.

He asked for money when he had car accident (need to pay repair both cars), so $5k was loaned and the amount was to be returned by month end. Lost his mobile, so applied line for him and his parents (whom he claimed can use my corporate plan to save.). After all that I've done for him, he went missing. 

Total:$8.5k due to cash and termination of 3 lines.

Scammer's details:

Josh Lim. K. C/JovialJosh??/

Number: +65966111??

Source: Scam Alert Singapore