By Annoymous

Posted my ad to sell my car in sgcarmart, shortly after, an internet messaging came to my phone form a buyer stating he is interested in buying my vehicle. Buyer directed me to liase with him through an email he provided me. Context of email saying he is working as a petroleum engineer who is out at sea and there is no connection to his phone. he said will transfer the agreed price stated in my ad to my bank account through barclay bank. Later he said will arrange an agent for the pickup of the vehicle after funds are directed into my account. Later part, buyer claims that there is a problem when he is going to pay due to the complications with his agent at western union. Buyer requested me to pay for him $2500 fee to western union of his agent then he will top up to the amount of my vehicle. Feeling something fishy, went google to research and found several similar story worldwide that had happened. Warning to car buyer out there, beware of such scams. Lucky didnt lose any money due to this.