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Breaking - Posts of 30/10/2019

FoieGras, the controversial French delicacy made of goose or duck liver, is to be banned in New York over claims of animal cruelty.A majority of city council members have signed on to a bill to stop the sale of the luxury pate.The bill is expected to pass today and will see the delicacy banned in restaurants, supermarkets and shops.
Warning: This article includes an image of a duck being force-fed that some may find disturbing.It has the support of animal welfare advocates and critics who believe the method by which foie gras is produced is cruel.

The process, called gavage, involves force-feeding the birds by sticking a tube down their throats, fattening up their livers to produce a staple delicacy of haute cuisine.

Any restaurateur or supermarket caught selling the delicacy will face a $1,000 (£775) fine and up to one year in prison.But businesses have warned about the impact of the ban, saying it could cost hundreds of jobs and hit farms financially.The bill was backed by Mayor Bill de Blasio after it was agreed there would be a three-year phase-in period to allow businesses to adjust. Read more H|ERE

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